Attractions near Knock Airport

Clew Bay
Eager to explore the Irish countryside? Clew Bay is a bike rental and outdoor adventure company that will give you the wheels you need to experience Ireland up close and personally. Hit the trails by yourself or join a group tour with other like-minded cyclists; regardless of how you choose to see it, the Emerald Isle waits for no man.

Crough Patrick Mountain
Take the afternoon and scale Crough Patrick Mountain, one of the steepest but most beautiful peaks in the country. First-time climbers will find plenty of trails and rest stops to keep them motivated and on-path; more experienced hikers will enjoy the challenges of the cliffs and the eventual reward of one-of-a-kind views from the mountain's peak. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or simply a daring tourist, the Crough will give you the chance to see Ireland the way that few tourists ever do.

Knock Museum
In 1879, over a dozen witnesses claimed to have seen St. John and the Virgin Mary appear as visions in their humble church. A hundred years later, the site of the "Knock Apparition" has become an international shrine and pilgrimage point for the faithful and the curious alike. Check out the Knock Museum for preserved documents, witness statements, and the very pulpit where spirits may have once walked among us. You can also venture slightly south for a detour into Knock Village, a quaint but friendly town with shops, restaurants and several B&Bs.

Ireland's School of Falconry
Only a short drive from the airport, Ireland's School of Falconry offers both intensive lessons in hawking or quick "Hawk Walks" for the traveler on the go. Learn how to communicate, steer, and even tame these mighty birds of prey under the tutelage of Ireland's biggest bird experts. A hawk swooping to land on your outstretched arm is an experience you'll never forget.

The Adventure Islands
You can't leave Mayo County without at least one trip to the Adventure Islands, where dozens of sailors, swimmers, and sea-farers have banded together to show all of Ireland's visitors their own version of fun. They can show you how to ski and surf, kayak, and cliff dive. They can show you how to cut loose and bounce around in giant plastic bubbles known as "zorbs." They'll become your commander for friendly combat games, and hold your hand while horseback riding down the coast. If you're looking for the ultimate rush during your trip to Ireland, the Adventure Islands are a must-see.