Special Events near Knock Airport

Galway Arts Festival
Each July, the city of Galway comes to life with the largest arts festival in West Ireland. As one of the largest cities near to the Knock Airport in Country Mayo, Galway is the ideal place to visit just after landing. You can head to the Galway Arts Festival to enjoy dance, theater, music, literature, and even comedy performances. While a large number of the talented performers are from the region, many also hail from other cities in Europe, Asian, and even North America.

Louisburg Feile Chois Cuain
This traditional Irish music festival takes place each May in the County Mayo, Ireland. Just a short trip from the Knock Airport, the Louisburg Feile Chois Cuain is a wonderful event that lasts for four days and consists of classic songs performed in the traditional tongue of Ireland. Visitors can enjoy singular performances any evening in the Parochial Hall, or they can join in on the festivities each day with plenty of vendors, sellers, and stalls offering authentic Irish cuisine and souvenirs for visitors.

Galway Races Summer Festival
For one week each summer, Galway transforms into a town fascinated with racing and horses. The Galway Races Summer Festival features races and hunting tracks, but many of the 200,000 attendees are primarily interested in the social aspect of the week's events. Enjoy the lively nightlife after each day at the races, and have fun watching the fashion competitions on the stands, where judges roam the crowds looking for the best-dressed women in attendance.

Streets of Galway 8k Road Race
One of the most popular road races in the area surrounding Knock Airport in Country Mayo, Ireland is the Streets of Galway 8k Road Race. The event begins and ends in the town center and lets visitors get a real feel for the streets and scenery of the area. After the race itself, a full festival greets finishers and provides excellent food and a thrilling atmosphere.

Westport Food Festival
Food enthusiasts visiting the region surrounding the Knock Airport should be sure not to miss a chance to enjoy some of Ireland's finest cuisine at the Westport Food Festival. The event takes place annually for one weekend in September and gives visitors a chance to try locally grown produce, fresh seafood caught just miles away and homemade cheeses, baked goods, and prepared foods. Hundreds of vendors gather to sell food to visitors, and there are several competitions voting on the top foods of the event.